Calgary Housing Company

Mountain Park has now teamed up with The Calgary Housing Company! – What does this mean? The CHC and Mountain Park Real Estate have teamed up to
bring safe and affordable housing to citizens of Calgary.

About The Calgary Housing Company


  • Calgary Housing Company serves the community by being best in:
  • Delivering safe and affordable housing solutions to meet the needs of Calgarians not served by the market place
  • Advocating and coordinating support services
  • Fostering community inclusion and pride of home
  • Creating an environment that fosters opportunity for residents to reach their full potential


Using housing as the foundation, we are people helping people achieve an enhanced quality of life for themselves and the community.

CHC rental programs

Three distinct programs offer delivery of subsidized housing solutions depending on the various needs of our customers:

  • Progressive Housing – short-term housing with shallow subsidies for customers who wish to eventually own their own home and desire a “hand up” so they can move into market accommodation within one to four years.
  • Deep Subsidy Community Housing – long-term housing with deep subsidies for customers requiring permanent and stable housing assistance.
  • Rent Supplement Housing – assists households in need by providing rent subsidies in eligible rental projects. The two types of subsidies are:
  • Legacy Rent Supplement – typically long-term housing assistance in collaboration with private landlords providing a rent supplement to subsidize the difference between a negotiated market rent and 30% of a household’s adjusted income.
  • Direct Rent Supplement – subsidy paid directly to an eligible tenant (up to a set maximum) and based on the difference between 30% of the household’s income and an agreed upon market rent.

Customers are offered affordable accommodation according to a regulated and detailed application process. The type of rental program offered is dependent upon the applicant’s individual needs and situation, as well as availability of units. Generally, rent for these programs is based on 30% of a household’s adjusted income.

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