About Mountain Park

Who are we? –  A group of highly motivated and dedicated real estate and mortgage professionals. We take pride in our work and our accomplishments- our clients get to experience the results of our passion every day.

About Mountain Park Real Estate

Founded in 2010 with offices in Calgary and Edmonton AB, Mountain Park is Alberta’s premiere Property and Condo/Strata Management Company. Because we take a systematic approach to superior property management, which builds on our industry proven best practices and positions our clients for ever greater levels of success, we generate industry leading returns for our property owners while ensuring our property seekers earn full value from their respective budgets. While some property management companies focus exclusively on single and isolated segments of the industry and hold themselves out to be experts in a very narrowly defined capacity, we work all sides and all aspects of the real estate equation and proudly hold ourselves out to be experts and genuine thought leaders.

Because we’ve developed such a comprehensive understanding of the real estate industry, its markets, its customers and all of its interconnected, fast moving and dynamic component parts, we’re able to bring unique insights as well as offer new and creative strategies in addition to actionable competitive advantages to all of our clients. Furthermore and specifically, our willingness to try new and creative management solutions coupled with our client-first mentality has allowed us to become the most efficient and therefore most effective property management company in Canada.